ZIHZUH Phone Necklace

The ZIHZUH® Phone Necklace

Mobile phone case with chain in gold, silver & black

The ZIHZUH Phone Necklace in gold, silver or black consists of a stable and impact-resistant TPU plastic cover with a hardened back wall and is additionally protected against falls and scratches on the display and the camera by an increase in the corners. The metal chain has a length of approx. 115cm and can be hung around the neck as well as around the shoulder as a fashionable accessory. So you always have one hand free! If you don’t need the chain, you can easily unhook it and use it as a normal mobile phone case. Buy your mobile phone chain now with free shipping.

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iPhone – Samsung – Phonenecklace – Phone Case – Phonechain – Metal chain

Use your Smartphone as a Necklace!

Mobile strap, Phone cord, smartphone necklace and smartphone cord. There are many names on the Internet. Phone Necklace chains are trendy! The smartphone is no longer just for making calls. It is a daily companion and helps us to be in constant contact with friends and family through social media. So give your smartphone a stylish upgrade and combine it with your outfit. With the noble metal chains in gold, silver and black from ZIHZUH you can find the right color for every style and turn your mobile phone into a fashion accessory. With the mobile phone case for iPhone and Samsung you have your mobile phone free and your smartphone always ready to hand!

Our phone case with real chain

Gold, silver or black?

Buy a Phone Necklace chain? Don’t be satisfied with a piece of rope. Ropes belong on the shoes and not around the neck! Our ZIHZUH mobile phone chain has a high-quality chain made of metal which is available in three different colors. Choose between gold, silver or black. Lots of elegance for little money. Our cell phone chain is not only cheap, it is also sent quickly and free of charge. So what are you waiting for get a mobile phone chain now and see for yourself!



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